Emergency Management Plans for Students- What do you do?

  • 1 March 2019

A nurse writes to the network....


I am finding in some instances when requesting emergency action plans for high health needs students they are not forth coming ☹ I am wondering how you manage this in your clinics?
How many requests do you make of parents/the student before involving senior management or H&S or calling the students GP/specialist? (as an aside do you ever call without parental consent?)
How frequently do you request that the action plans be updated?

Would be great to have your thoughts on this! (Please respond in the comments section below if you have any answers/tips!)

Thanks in advance! 

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  • Karen Jones
  • 4 Mar 2019
  • 6:36 pm

Hi, if you're referring to anaphylaxis action plans, I contact them 3 times and mention the implications of not having the information such as their child not being able to attend school trips/EOTC/sporting events (which has happened). I usually cc the email sent to the parents/caregivers to the Dean of the student or teacher in charge of the EOTC trip and the H+S officer so they are aware of the efforts I am making. We don't have time to contact the GP ourselves but it's the parents responsibility to do this anyway. We get anaphylaxis action plans updated every 1-2 years unless there is a specific date for review on it from the prescriber. Our student with Type 1 diabetes we haven't had any issues with getting information from their parents, in fact I think they initiated the contact with us :) They have also provided the school with copies of their asthma action plan too so fantastic parents to work with - if only they were all like this (sigh)

  • Karen
  • 13 Mar 2019
  • 8:59 am

I request action plans be updated yearly, (or when date specifically says on it for renewal) initially by email and document in the student’s notes each time a request is made and how. Then a phone call to parent/caregiver and then a mail out of action plan and speaking with student is a good plan- if all these fail and you have documented each one, I would then involve student’s Dean or equivalent to make the call home and say it is a requirement that the school need to have it. The time frame of this is vague, as it takes time to keep chasing up on each one. If by the end of Term 1 you do not have a plan, I think it is appropriate to contact senior management, if their Dean/tutor has been unsuccessful too.

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