Our Services 

Our team has a wealth of experience that we regularly share with others. Our professional services (below) have come about as they have been frequently requested by School Nurses and Schools alike. For general information and advice, or to access a service, email is the best way to reach us, with the subject line indicating your enquiry. If there is something we can help you with that is not listed below, please contact us to discuss. 


Clinical Supervision 

Clinical Supervision is imperative for Nurses working in Schools. In a role which is largely isolated from other medical colleagues, it provides a much needed source of advice, reassurance, safety in clinical practice and support. 

We contract Clinical Supervisors who have extensive experience in SBHS and understand the demands, challenges and context of working as a health professional in an education setting. We recommend supervision for School Nurses at a minimum of 90 mins per month, additional sessions or increased frequency can be arranged. A formal contract is provided which is signed by both the supervisor and supervisee and invoices are generated after the session and directed to the School Bursar. 

To access Clinical Supervision with one of our supervisors, please email us, or log into our members section and read our supervisors bios and contact them directly. 

To contract with us as a Clinical Supervisor, please email us and tell us about your experience in School Based Health Services and Clinical Supervision. 

Find our more about Clinical Supervision


HR Services for Schools 

From mapping out the role of a Nurse for your school, to the hiring and contract details, we have you covered! Our HR packages are tailored to suit individual school needs, and can include the following: 

  • Scoping out the role and tasks of your School Nurse
  • Facility support (Wondering where to best place your new nurse? Or considering updating your current facilities to create a true pastoral care support center? We can help with that!)
  • Advertising your School Nurse Position (Generating a vacancy advertisement for your school, listing your advertisement, Shortlisting Candidates)
  • Hiring support - (Interview support, reference and background checks)
  • Orientation and Onboarding (see below) 

Talk to us about your needs and we can provide a quote for you. Email us here and we'll be in touch! 


Orientation and Onboarding 

Have you hired a School Nurse or are you about to? 

If you want to get your School Nurse off to the best start, consider our Orientation and Onboarding package which includes; 

  • Kanohi ki te kanohi whakawhanaungatanga (face to face relationship building) 
  • Education and Medical Database training (ensuring your school meets its legislative obligations regarding privacy and confidentiality) 
  • Practical, on site orientation to your school clinic and the role of a school nurse
  • Weekly contact and support for your nurse for their first school term (can be extended if required) 
  • Bespoke additional options to best meet the unique needs of your school 

Email us to discuss your needs. 


Clinical Incident Support/Debriefing 

From time to time, emergencies and critical events do happen in schools, and some can be very challenging in unexpected ways. Specifically for School Nurses, they can often be involved in life threatening or life saving events which can be traumatic. Our team have had their share of critical events such as resus, student death, school lockdowns due to threats onsite etc. If you feel your School Nurse could benefit from talking with someone who can offer a supportive, experienced, respectful and confidential ear and help them move forward, please email us and we will respond sensitively to support your nurse. 

NB. We recommend that schools pre-plan using the Ministry of Educations TIRP (Traumatic Incident Response Plan) protocol and familiarise all new school staff with their school TIRP including their School Based Health Team.