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Thinking about a Career in School Nursing? 

We often get asked what skills and courses does a Nurse need to have completed to enter a School Nursing Career. Currently in New Zealand, there is no national skill or study requirements required to become a School Nurse. But there are MANY courses and skills we'd recommend to help you deliver the most effective care to your patients. Nurses coming into School Nursing come from a variety of backgrounds and therefore may already have certain skills. If this is you, consider yourself half way there! :D Take a look through the information below and use our suggestions to form your next PD plans! 

Having an understanding of the basic screening that a School Nurse performs is very useful. Hearing and Vision assessment is often a key component of the role and scope of a School Nurse and a worthy one - School Nurses have the amazing privilege of being able to make a very real difference to the learning ability of each student. Knowing how to screen a student for their hearing, and also how to use at Otoscope are great skills to have. Many nurses like to attend an 'Ears Made Easy' course to learn these skills. Vision and BMI screening are usually taught through a Nursing Degree course. 

Given NZ's high suicide rate, and the prevalence of this among Youth in Aotearoa, we would recommend a self harm/suicide screening course such as this QPR course

By the time youth leave school, Youth2000 data suggests that approximately half of young people will be sexually active. Therefore, courses run by Family Planning, such as this emergency contraception course which is a prerequiste for Nursing Council Endorsement for ECP, or this introduction to contraception course are both highly rated by School Nurses as they increase knowledge and awareness not only of the subject matter, but also how to talk to youth about issues regarding their sexuality. 

Working with young people takes a unique set of communication and interpersonal skills, along with practice and experience in order to truely be effective. This Werry Workforce HEADSS Assessment course is a brilliant engagement tool, and one we would recommend as essential foundation training for any School Nurse. It can be completed online, and you can pause and return to it as time allows. 

All nurses in NZ are encouraged to become ABC smoking cessation trained, and this e-learning course only takes roughly an hour or two. 


Ready for the next step? 

The University of Auckland offers a Post-Graduate Certificate or Post-Graduate Diploma in Youth Health. Learn core skills for engaging and working with Youth, and deepen your knowledge about Health and Social issues that influence the lives of young people. 




Online Training

Working remotely? Perhaps you need a few extra PD hours for your portfolio? This section has relevant online courses for school nurses with downloadable certificates to add to your portfolio.

Face to Face Training

New to School Nursing? Looking to upskill? Click here for face to face training and courses in Youth Health where you can meet colleagues working in a similar environment and share ideas.

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